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Payroll Services

David Skelly & Co. provides a comprehensive range of payroll setup, processing and reporting services to SMEs throughout Ireland. Our professional payroll team will ensure accuracy, confidentiality and compliance on all payroll matters, delivering best in class processes and technology. Our payroll services include the sending of payslips, communicating with revenue on behalf of the client and the submitting and sending of all necessary payroll documents and files.

At David Skelly & Co. we are client oriented and will work closely with you to ensure a smooth handover of your payroll functions and to ensure our payroll services both meet and exceed your expectations.


Contact us to discuss your payroll requirements.

Our payroll services include:

  • Generating Payslips

  • Calculating Extras

  • Processing Deductions

  • Conducting PAYE

  • Maintaining Compliance

  • Providing PAYE Modernisation

  • Reporting & Consultancy

By utilising our payroll services, clients are able to re-allocate the resources from this labour-intensive, non-revenue generating activity towards more pertinent business activities. If you would like to learn more about our payroll services, get in contact with us to arrange a consultation.

Payroll Setup, Processing And Reporting

Whether your business operates on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly pay cycle, our team of payroll specialists will be able to guarantee you meet all pay deadlines, ensuring the utmost in accuracy and consistency.

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