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Accounts Preparation

David Skelly & Co. understands that, in today’s busy environment, many SMEs do not have the time or expertise to produce accounts. We provide a comprehensive range of accounts preparation and support services to our clients, allowing them to divert their resources towards achieving their business goals. We adopt a flexible approach and can adapt based on the needs of the individual client – for some clients, an annual account is all that is needed, whilst for others, we can provide a fully-tailored, comprehensive service

All of our work is complete in line with the relevant accounting standards. As these standards can regularly change, we always remain diligent to ensure the most up to date accounting standards are applied.

During the accounts preparation process, we will highlight any issues that we believe require attention and will suggest appropriate solutions on how to improve. We can also provide advice on the financial management of your business.

At David Skelly & Co. we always aim to maintain open channels of communication with our clients to ensure we are delivering upon all expectations and to allow us to quickly adapt to any changing circumstances. By using our accountancy services, clients are able to more effectively allocate their resources towards achieving vital business objectives.


Contact us to discuss your accounts preparation requirements.

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